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  Courses management for alpine clubs.
  6893 managed courses - 3506 members - 3 clubs


They trust us already: CAS Carouge, CAS Moléson, CAS Dent de Lys


Solution made by and for SAC course chiefs to manage mountain courses.

Alpine Manager

Alpine Manager is a hosted management solution of alpine courses which allows to handle the complete lifecycle of a course: creation, planning and report.

Easy management of the lifecycle of a course

  1. Creation of a course
    • → Adding new course proposals by any member:
      •       · by entering parameters by hand
      •       · from an existing course (clever clone of a course)

    • → Validation of the proposals by the course commission
    • → Listing et search of proposals and existing courses
    • → Management of her course proposals, for each member
    • → Management of her courses, for each course chief or assistant
  2. Planning of a course
    • → Management of the parameters of the course
      •       · Date and meeting place
      •       · Equipment
      •       · Summits
      •       · Difficulty
      •       · Team (chief, assistant)
      •       · Maximal amount of participants
      •       · Target group (OJ, Jeudistes, ...)
      •       · etc.

    • → Management of participants
    • → Course summary, including a listing of the participants (first name, last name, phone, email, etc.)
  3. Report, feedback and follow up of the course
    • → Course report (visible or non visible by the members)
    • → Acknowledgment of the report by the course commission
    • → Notifications to course chiefs (in case of no report entered a week after the end of a course)
    • → Notifications to the commission


  • News and notifications. The last news and personal notifications are displayed.
  • Main view. All features available in a few clicks.
  • Detail of a course. The main information.
  • Summits. Add summits to a course proposal.
  • Summary. Printable summary of a course, with the list of participants.
  • Export. Courses can be exported in several format (Json, XML, etc.)


Modern and easy to use solution to facilitate the work of the Alpine clubs.

Main features

  • Courses management
    Detail of a course contains general information (place, date, equipment, notes), the type of course (mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking,...), quotations for the course, the peaks, the team (the course chief and his assistant) and participants.
  • Course proposals management
    Each Member may propose a course that will be accepted or not by the course commission.
  • Resources management
    All resources (summit, region, target group, quotations, type of course, etc.) can be managed by the responsible persons (administrator or member of the commission, according to the rights). New resources can be added or removed easily.
  • Permissions management
    4 levels of permissions are available:
    •  · Anonymous: any unidentified person has access only to the public part of the site.
    •  · Member: a member is a person identified that can list courses and propose new ones.
    •  · Course commission: a person part of the racing commission is a member with additional permissions, such as the right to accept the proposals of courses.
    •  · Administrator: with administrator privileges, a member can edit all resources.
  • Management of guests members
    Members waiting for membership or wishing to participate in a course to test are taken into account by the application.
  • Course registration
    Online registration (optional), management and export of the participants to a course.
  • Mailing lists / Newsletter
    Sending emails to lists of members (e.g., to the participants to a course, to all course chiefs, to all members of the club, etc.)
  • Multilingual
    Alpine Manager is available in French, German and English.
  • Export
    Courses, as well as their participants can be exported to HTML, CSV, Json or XML.
  • Members import
    The members of a club can be imported from a CSV file that is provided by the Swiss Alpin Club.
  • Reporting
    Various statistics on the courses, the chiefs and the members are available.
    A REST API enables external applications to interface with Alpine Manager.
  • TYPO3 integration
    A TYPO3 extension is made available for free to display and search the next courses directly from the website of the club.
  • Mobile access
    Easier access for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.).


They trust us already: CAS Carouge, CAS Moléson, CAS Dent de Lys

Alpine Manager

Everything is included!


No need for your own server or your own hosting. Alpine Manager is hosted and managed by our care, throughout the year.


The application is always up-to-date and benefit from the latest developments.

Unlimited number of courses

There is no limit on the number of managed courses. It is the same for all other features (proposals, summits, types of courses, quotations,...)

Yearly pricing

We adopted a suitable pricing to both small and larger clubs.

CHF 360.- + CHF 1.80 / active member

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